Sunday, October 15, 2017

REVIEW : PINK CREAM 69 --- Headstrong (2017, Frontiers Music s.r.l.)

HEADSTRONG marks the 30th Anniversary of German hard rockers Pink Cream 69! This brand new opus is once again produced by bassist (and renowned producer) Dennis Ward and sees the band delivering some really great heavy n' melodic rock stuff at the same quality as always!

Pink Cream 69 is one of my all time favorite bands and through their career, with both singers, it delivered some really amazing n' classic albums. So, I was looking froward to hearing this brand new work from this legendary band.

"We Bow To None" is the opening tune from this new album and, man, this one rocks big time! A song that brings back the sound of "Electrified" record!!! Powerful, hands in the air with sharp guitars and attitude this track is just Pink Cream 69 at their best! With "Walls Come Down" Pink Cream 69 makes clear that "Headstrong" will be a killer album all the way. I just love those couple of songs so far. "Unite And Divine", "No More Fear" and "Man Of Sorrow" are all three superb pieces of pure melodic hard rock dynamites. All three include great arrangements, powerful performances, hooks and choruses to sing-a-long and this early Pink Cream 69 feeling that I love. Excellent stuff!

"Path Of Destiny" rocks harder, faster and ballsier and it's yet another killer song out of the new album. David Readman sings his heart out and delivers another highlight on this one. "Vagrant Of The Night" is a nice and moodier ballad while in "Bloodsucker" the band does what does best; to write a catchy and heavy melodic metal hymn!! For damn sure another personal favorite of mine. "Whistleblower" is a rather 'darker' rocker and the song that closes this superb release, "The Other Man", is the typical closer for almost every Pink Cream 69 album. A more laid back rocker.

"Headstrong" also includes a bonus live cd as a special treat!

Pink Cream 69 is back with just a killer album all the way! "Headstrong" is just the album that every die-hard fan of Pink Cream 69 asked for; power, melody, attitude, great arrangements, superb guitars, soulful performances and a tight as hell musicianship! Top release!!!

Rating : 10/10

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