Saturday, October 7, 2017

REVIEW : Jessica Wolff --- Grounded (2017)

Jessica Wolff in her ordinary life is practicing kung-fu, she is doing stunt work, she's acting and in general she is doing a lot of extreme sports. But except of all the above mentioned things, Jessica is a very talented young artist and that is a thing that can be heard from her music.

As a child, Jessica Wolff started singing classical music.  At the age of 21, Jessica left her studies behind to focus full-time on her musical career. Her debut record, "Renegade", was released in 2013 and gained positive reviews. Nowadays, she is ready to make the big step forward with her brand new opus which is entitled "Grounded".

With the opening tune of "Reckless", we have an amazing pop-rock song. Up-tempo with an attitude that you can feel it in your bones "Reckless" sounds perfect! More pop-ish is the next one, "Chase Me Down", but again is a very good track that shows Jessica's amazing vocal abilities. "Playing For Keeps", "War" and "Grounded" are all three superb pieces of pure modern pop-rock stuff at its best. All three include solid arrangements, powerful vocals, heavier guitars and, in general, I love 'em all!

With "Under Your Spell", Jessica delivers a killer ballad all the way. This piano-driven song includes a haunting melody, emotional vocals and, in general, this one is one of the highlights out of the new opus.

"Arrow" is again a powerful modern rocker while in "Roots" we are dealing with yet another cool track that features a breathtaking chorus line enough to sing-a-long for days.

Jessica Wolff with her brand new opus is ready for big things! Yes, this young lady has all the 'package' to become the next big thing in the female-fronted rock scene. Solid songs, catchy choruses, strong arrangements and, most of all, amazing vocal lines are the ingredients of this surprisingly good album!

Rating : 8,5/10

Renegade (2013), Grounded (2017)


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