Sunday, September 17, 2017

REVIEW : Autograph --- Get Off Your Ass (2017)

So, what we have here is yet another comeback album from a legendary band. Autograph were one of the top bands back in the 80's, no doubt 'bout that. With three killer albums ('Sign In Please', 'Loud N' Clear' and 'That's The Stuff') Autograph made a big impact in the golden melodic hard rock era.

Nowadays and after thirty-three years since their huge debut, Autograph returns with a brand new opus entitled "Get Off Your Ass". Of course Steve Plunket is no longer on board and the same goes for Isham (R.I.P.) who died in 2008. Randy Rand (bass) and Steve Lynch (guitars), the two remaining members frrm then, and along with Simon Daniels and Marc Wieland are back to offer us another solid piece of hard rock stuff.

The die-hards of the band's earlier works will find in "Get Off Your Ass" an overall solid work but far away from Autograph's first three releases. The new one is a more updated, heavier (in some parts) and modern regarding their older records.

The first sample of the new record is just great; "Get Off Your Ass" is a punchy hard rock track with a 'hands in the air' chorus line and with lots of attitude. "Every Generation", "You are Us We Are You" and "I lost My Mind In America" include a little bit of the old magic while with "All I Own" we have a really nice mid-tempo tune that reminded me a bit of Night Ranger's latest albums. "Ready To Get Down" rocks good with its up-tempo vibe and the last one, "Turn Up The Radio", is an almost 6-minute long from the band's recent live appearance.    

All in all, this a really solid release from Autograph. Edgy hard rock stuff with a fresher and updated approach that aims not only to the old-school fans but, also, to some new hard rock freaks out there.

Rating : 7/10

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