Monday, August 21, 2017

REVIEW : STEELHEART --- Through Worlds of Stardust (2017)

I just adore Steelheart's first two albums!!! It was 1990 when Steelheart released their debut record and, for sure, made a big impact to the hard rock world. The single “I’ll Never Let You Go” was a smashing success (for example, 33,000 albums were sold in one day in Japan) and quickly reached platinum sales.

"Tangled In Reins", the band's next album, was released a couple years later and it was, once again, a superb slice of pure hard rock gem (more 'hair metal') that gained positive reviews form both fans and press. But bad luck knocked on Steelheart's door!! In the midst of promotion of the album, a serious accident happened on Halloween night in 1992, when an improperly secured lighting truss hit Matijevic on the back of the head, breaking his nose, cheekbone, jaw, and twisting his spine.

A third opus, "Wait", saw the light of day in 1996. A bit 'different', musically speaking, regarding the first two records but for sure a good one.

Nowadays, Steelheart strikes back with a brand new album, through Frontiers Records, with the title "Through Worlds Of Stardust".

"Steam Line Savings", the opening tune, kicks-off the new record in a classic Led Zeppelin sound but with Matijevic's trademark vocal lines that surprises in a very positive way!! "My Dirty Girl" is what I wanted to hear next; more power, more attitude and more impressive vocals from Matijevic in a song that will kick some major asses! "My Word" is heavier, moodier and with a big bad groove in it while in "You Got Me Twisted" (the first single) we have a clear winner. More commercial with a sweet and more melodic harmony this track is just excellent.

"Lips Of Rain" is yet another killer cut out of "Trough Worlds Of Stardust". It is a modern and monstrous melodic ballad that I felt in love with at once. Matijevic's vocals are out of this world and the haunting melody that is included here makes this song breathtaking. The acoustic "With Love We Live Again" is nice.

What we have here  is a new Steelheart album that me personally enjoyed a lot. Some classic and early elements (of the first two records), some Led Zeppelin pinches and for damn sure a few fresh and updated ideas compose this new stunning opus that will please every hard rock freak out there.

Rating : 8,8/10  

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