Saturday, August 19, 2017

REVIEW : Stan Bush -- Change The World (2017)

Stan Bush is without any doubt one of the most respectful musicians of the melodic rock world. With an over 33-years career on his back, Stan Bush has offered some really impressive albums of pure melodic rock/AOR bliss. Nowadays, Mr. Bush is back again with his brand new opus which entitled "Change The World".

In the new album Bush offers, once again, his well-known beautiful melodies, memorable hooks and choruses and, of course, his superb vocal lines.

The opening tune of "Change The World" is a great modern melodic rock gem that I love it! Edgy AOR stuff with a clever hook and chorus that makes you whistle it immediately. "Warrior" (from Shadow Warrior 2) is movin' to some harder edged paths while in "Born To Win" we have another highlight out of the new opus. Up-tempo with a killer hook song that sticks in your mind for days.
In "Never Surrender", "Live Your Dream"  and "The Other Side Of Love" Stan Bush proves why he is considered one of the best of its kind when it's about a solid AOR/Melodic Rock song. All the above mentioned tracks are pure AOR heaven and include some really excellent and inspired melodies, strong arrangements and harmonies to die for filled with Bush's passionate vocals.

All in all, this is another superb slice of pure and high quality AOR stuff that has the signature of a great musician such as Stan Bush is. For the fans of Bush, this is a MUST have! For each and every single fan of the melodic rock sound, in general, buy it with your eyes closed!!!

Rating : 8,5/10    

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