Thursday, July 20, 2017

REVIEW : RIVERDOGS -- California (2017, Frontiers Records)

The Riverdogs are finally back! Yes, original singer Rob Lamothe, Vivian Campbell (guitars), Nick Brophy (bass) and longtime drummer Marc Danzeisen are back again to offer us the band's fifth album with the title "California".

 First of all, it's a really nice surprise that Rob Lamothe is back in the band. His soulful and deep vocals are the band's trademark and for those who love their debut, included me, we missed him. Secondly the band tries to capture the sound of the great debut, with a more fresh approach, and, at the end, it achieves it and releases a solid piece of pure melodic rock/blues stuff.

"American Dream", the opener, sounds the perfect appetizer of what's to follow. Up-tempo and classy melodic rock stuff with some excellent guitar licks by Vivian Campbell that grabs your attention at once. Perfect start!!! "The Revolution Starts Tonight" is simply breathtaking; bluesier and moodier with Lamothe's soulful vocals this tune 'travels' you away! "You Are Too Rock N' Roll" is a solid and rockier tune while in "Searching For A Signal" the band delivers an edgier song that I like a lot! In "Ten Thousand Reasons", we are dealing with a monstrous blues rock song. A tune that sounds like it jumped out from their classic debut. Lamothe's vocals are so emotional, so passionate and with Vivian's breathtaking guitars this one is just killer, just killer!

Riverdogs with their brand new "California" album deliver another great record that will make each and every single fan of their classic debut so proud!!!

Rating : 8,2/10

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