Sunday, July 16, 2017

REVIEW : Doll Skin --- Manic Pixie Dream Girl (2017)

Now this is a really interesting release! But let's take things from the start. Doll Skin is a female modern heavy rock/punk that made a big impact in this scene with their debut "IN YOUR FACE (AGAIN)", which was produced by Grammy Winning Megadeth bassist David Ellefson.

The debut gained really positive reviews, from both fans and critics and and saw the band tour with Otep, Lacey Sturm, Fire From The Gods, Hellyeah, Dead Kennedys, Escape The Fate, September Mourning, Through Fire, and more.

Drummer Meghan Herring says, “We are so crazy excited for this new record to be released!! The sophomore album is an entirely different beast. "In Your Face" was a shot in the was our very first full length, so we had no idea how well the world would take it."

This new record kicks-off with the huge, ultra catchy and in-your-face tune of "Shut Up (You Miss Me)". Man, I can't stop listening to this great and so anthemic gem!!! "Road Killa", "Boy Band" and "Sunflower" are all three superb samples of pure modern heavy rock stuff with a strong punk dose that must be listened to at a maximum volume. "Baby's Breath" is  a more straight forward rocker while in "Puncha Nazi" Doll Skin delivers another 'ballsy' and monstrous heavy punk rocker!!!

I enjoyed every single minute of Doll Skin's second album!!! This record includes a bunch of some killers in it, the performances are top notch with power and attitude and for those who are into modern heavy rock (with some strong punk elements) sound this one is for you!!!!! A big bravo!!!

Rating : 8,3/10

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