Thursday, June 22, 2017

REVIEW : WARNER DRIVE -- ...Till The Wheels Fall Off (2017)

I have to say that the name of these L.A. rockers, Warner Drive, is no stranger to me. Their 2014's album with the title "City Of Angels" was a really solid one and filled me up with positive vibe and included a bunch of some excellent tunes in it. Nowadays, Warner Drive strikes back with a brand new album which is entitled "....Till The Wheels Fall Off".

Warner Drive is a band that knows how to deliver solid rock 'n' roll stuff with a punkier edge. It's high energetic and, if you wanna take a small taste of how they sound, apart from buying their records, just think of The Offspring, Danko Jones, Rise Against, Sum 41, My Chemical Romance, Foo Fighters and Papa Roach to name a few.

Warner Drive has shared the stage with bands such as Jet, CKY, Saving Abel, Camp Freddy, Danko Jones, Imagine Dragons, The Plain White T's, Yellowcard, Ratt, Steel Panther, Clutch, Graveyard, Mustache, Papa Roach, The Killers, Dead Sara, Royal Republic, and many more.

The opening tune of "My Devotion" represents in a best way WD's sound. Punchy, commercial, catchy and with a strong dose of punk that you feel it in your bones!! "Don't Give Up" is yet another killer punk/rock anthem that is build up for big arenas and of course, it must be played on maximum volume. "Karma's A Bitch" is just breathtaking; more straight forward and with a modern and 'darker' vibe in it this song is one of the new record's highlights. "L.A. Psycho Chic" is again a powerful modern punk/rock gem while in "Never Gonna Win" WD delivers a heavier rocker.

For those who like their rock modern, punchy, edgy and with a punk twist, then Warner Drive is a 'safe' buy. "...Till The Wheels Fall Off" is one of this year's pleasant surprises so far. Well done.

Rating : 7,5/10

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