Friday, June 30, 2017

REVIEW : Voodoo Highway– The Ordeal (2017)

Voodoo Highway is, in my humble opinion, one of the most interesting new bands out there. These hard rockers from Italy grabbed my attention since their debut record, "Broken Uncles Inn", and with their second one, "Showdown", they left a sweet taste in my ears.

Their classic hard rock sound mixed with a more fresh and updated approach continues with more power in their brand new opus with the title "The Ordeal".

The opening tune of "The Deal" is, in my opinion, the finest sample of Voodoo Highway's music. A very Deep Purple-esque song with a strong dose of early Black Sabbath and there you have a superb slice of pure and classic hard rock gem. What's coming-up next is simply delicious. "Litha" could easily appear in any Deep Purple album. An epic and monstrous hard rock song that I love it!!

"NY Dancer" features some really cool guitar lines (and bluesier in some parts) while in the groovier "Blue Ride" the band delivers another great track. One of the highlights here is without any doubt the heavier and 'darker' tune of "To Ride The Tide".

Voodoo Highway is gettin' better and better with each release. They keep the flame of the classic late 70's hard rock scene alive and I'm damn sure that this band has lot more to offer. Check 'em out!!!

Rating : 8/10

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