Monday, April 10, 2017

REVIEW : SLEAZY ROXXX -- Topless Suicide (2017)

Judging from the excellent (!!!!) front cover and the name of the band Sleazy RoXxX suddenly someone understands that this band plays classic sleazy hard rock/metal in the vain of Poison, Pretty Boy Floyd and the newer ones such as Crazy Lixx and Reckless Love.

Yep, Sleazy Roxxx is a band that its sound recalls the above mentioned acts and brings back a wide smile upon the face of every sleaze fan out there. Attitude, loud guitars, melodies, catchy as hell choruses and more attitude are the ingredients of Sleazy Roxxx's second effort with the title "Topless Suicide".

"Dirty Sanchez", the opener, sounds like the perfect appetizer of what's next!! Powerful sleaze metal with a strong dose of early, and heavier, Poison this song is candy in my ears. "Let's Roll" is another ultra-catchy and with tons of attitude song that grabs you at once and makes you scream for more! "Crystal" is a nice rocker with a more 'modern' approach while with "Riots!!" the band delivers an excellent and in-your-face anthem that sets the party on fire!! I like also the 'punchier' "Galaxy Rider".

The new generation of Sleazy Hard Rock/Metal has a new contender and its name is Sleazy RoXxX!!! If you are a fan of this particular scene, then do a favor to yourself and check out this band, you won't regret it!!

Rating : 8/10

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