Friday, April 28, 2017

REVIEW : Raw Silk – The Borders Of Light (2017)

Raw Silk is a band that is no stranger to the Euro melodic hard rock fans. Their debut record "Silk Under The Skin" is still considered as a classic one for those who love this sound. Raw Silk's founder Kostas Kyriakidis after the band's successful participation in concerts with big names such as Winger, Pink Cream 69 and J.S. Soto decided to release a second album with the title "The Borders Of Light".

So, this brand new 10-track album may have some differences regarding the amazing debut but it's overall a solid one all the way. The melodic keyboards are here, the big melodies are also here, the modern and sometimes progressive 'pinches' are givin' the extra something and a bunch of some strong songs in it make "The Borders Of Light" a pleasant listening from start to finish.

The opening tune of "One Lifetime" is one of my favorites out of this new release. It features a haunting melody in it, some really nice vocals and it also includes a strong 80's vibe that I truly enjoyed a lot. "Nobody Fills The Loneliness", "Night Time Angels" and the bluesier "Losing My Mind" are all three some of the highlights here. Especially "Losing My Mind" includes a superb melody that grabbed my attention at once!! But the track that I'm in love with, at first sight, is the huge and very AOR-ish "Out Of Reach". Amazing keys, a beautiful melody, strong arrangements and passionate vocals are the ingredients of this superb and pure AOR gem.

I'm sure that every fan of their great debut album will find "The Borders Of Light" extremely enjoyable. It's an album that includes a bit of their earlier magic in it and I'm looking forward to their next step. Welcome back!

Rating : 8/10

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