Saturday, April 29, 2017


Rockett Love is a new melodic hard rock band from Sweden and its goal is to create solid, fun and pure 80's hard rock music. Their influences are mainly from the 80's scene and bands such as Van Halen with a modern melodic heavy rock approach that makes the final result very tasteful from start to finish.

The opener "Never Surrender" is the first great sample of Rockett Love music; 80's with a Van Halen-esque vibe in it and a clever chorus line that makes you whistle it at once. Next in "One Of These Days" we have another cool straight forward rocker while with "Rocket Love" we are dealing with a monstrous melodic gem. This one is like 'love at first sight' that makes you wanna turn the volume on 10 and push the repeat button again and again. Excellent stuff!!

"Whatever You Say" and this time the boys are delivering a great and up-beat rocker in a way that the Swedish bands know best, if you understand what I'm saying. "Shining Light" is heavy, groovy and 'darker' regarding all the previous tracks. The vocals are amazing, remind me a bit of Jeff Scott Soto, and this song is among my favorites from this debut. "Fall On Your Knees" and "Line Of Sight" are both solid hard rock tunes.

Bottom line is that Rockett Love with this fabulous debut record are here to stay and leave a big promise for the future. I'm really impressed by these young talented Swedes!!! 

Rating : 8,4/10

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