Thursday, March 9, 2017

REVIEW : NIGHT RANGER -- Don’t Let Up (2017)

Another one of the so called 'legendary' bands strikes back with a new record. This time is Night Ranger with "Don't Let Up". As in their previous records, the same here, Night Ranger continues with the same passion and love to deliver strong and melodic classic hard rock that includes passionate performances, clever hooks and choruses and great arrangements.

It's really unnecessary to write down about Night Ranger 'cause I'm damn sure that if you like classic hard rock/AOR, then you know about these guys and what they've accomplished through the years. So, let's see, or to be specific, let's hear, what should wait from "Don't Let Up".

The opening tune of "Somehow, Someway" is a pure, up-tempo and punchy rocker. That's exactly what  I expected from Night Ranger. Great stuff!! "Running Out Of Time" is yet another cool rocker, more modernized but overall a good one. "Truth" is a delicious modern rock song with some hints of the band's earlier works while with "Day And Night" the band puts more muscle and power and, at the end, it creates a really impressive hard rock gem!

"Don't Let Up" is a song that I liked the most here. More straight forward with a nice melody in it, crunchy guitars and some killer harmonies to die for. At this point, I have to say that the whole band sounds better than ever and this new record is surprisingly good!! The groovier rock 'n' roll tune of "Won't Be Your Fool Again" is a rather average and with "Say What You Want" Night Ranger offers another great track. From the last four songs, of the new opus, the one that paid my attention the most is without any doubt "Jamie". I love the classic Night Ranger vibe in it!!!!  

A very strong and high energetic album from start to finish! Great musicianship, tight songs and strong performances from a bunch of some extremely talented musicians that knows how to rock your world!

Rating : 8,5/10

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