Saturday, March 18, 2017

REVIEW : Kings Of Broadway – Kings Of Broadway (2017)

KINGS OF BROADWAY were originally formed back in 2011 by guitarist Aldo Lonobile. Aldo is considered as one of the most recognized guitar players/composers from the Italian metal scene (founder member of bands like Secret Sphere, Civilization One and Shadowspell).

After a year of writing songs and making demos with his longtime friends Luca Cartasegna (ex-Secret Sphere) on drums, Ricky Messeri on guitar and JJ Andreone (Odd Dimension, A Perfect Day) on bass, one thing was missing to complete the puzzle. And that was the right singer to 'fit' in the songs.With the addition of Tiziano Spigno as the lead singer, Kings Of Broadway were completed!!!

Nowadays, the band is ready to unleash its debut record, "Kings Of Broadway", and to make some noise with its hard hittin' heavy rock stuff!! "First Day Of My Life" which kicks-off things here is pure gold! Hard rock with attitude that includes rough vocal lines, a heavy enough riffing and a chorus line to sing-a-long! Excellent start, no doubt!! "Berserk" is another killer track out of this debut. Groovier with a rhythm section tighter than hell that will make you turn up the volume on 10!!!  With "Never Enough" the band delivers a more commercial and more melodic track that made me pushed the repeat button several times. I liked a lot "Dancing On The Edge Of Time". This one is again a groovier song but ballsier and with tons of attitude heavy rock stuff that is among my personal favorites from the debut. Check out also "Hit The Ground" and the modern "Thought It All" and you'll be surprised how good this band is!!

Kings Of Broadway comes out of nowhere to make some noise with their 'ballsy', edgy and melodic heavy rock debut album!!! One of the best albums that I've listened to this year so far! An excellent record all the way that the sure thing is that will climb high in my 2017 Top list!!! Buy or die!!!

Rating : 9,4/10 

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