Sunday, March 26, 2017

REVIEW : DOBERMANN --Pure Breed (2017)

DOBERMANN is a hard working band that since its creation, in 2011, toured in Italy, Germany, Spain, France, Holland and Slovenia (to name just a few countries!!!) and shared stages with names such as Great White, The Quierboys and Blaze Bailey among others. Not bad at all!!!

Nowadays and after two albums and an EP, it is time for these rockers to strike back with their brand new opus which is entitled "Pure Breed"

"Pure Breed" is a classic rock 'n' roll record that impresses at once with its simplicity and its attitude. Dobermann plays pure and fistful rock n roll that includes punchy guitars, in-your-face vocals, the right attitude and THE songs to kick-off your late nite party!

"War Thunder" is the perfect sample of what I've mentioned above! Great up-tempo and with a late 80's vibe hard rock gem that takes no prisoners. "Taking In The Out Takes" and "Radioactive" (featuring Bumblefoot) are two more solid n' loud rockers with attitude.  "Pure Breed" is another ass-kickin' rock 'n' roll hymn that is build up for big arenas while in "I Need A Holiday" the party continues in the same up-tempo level.

"Pure Breed" is yet another 2017's highlight that will cathces your attention at once with its pure and old-fashioned rock 'n' roll way!!!

Rating : 8/10

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