Saturday, March 25, 2017

REVIEW : DIRTY WHITE BOYZ -- Down And Dirty (2017)

Here is another 2017 album that you need to check out right away! I'm talking about Dirty White Boyz's debut album with the title "Down And Dirty". DWB is a new hard rock band that was formed by Tony Mitchell who is well-known from his work with the melodic rock band of Kiss of the Gypsy.

Mitchell gathered some very talented musicians such as  Paul Hume (guitar) from legends Demon, Neil Ogden (drums) from Lawless, Nigel Bailey (bass) from Bailey, and Three Lions, and Jamie Crees (guitar) and together they created this really solid heavy rock band of Dirty White Boyz.

The sound here is pure and 80's melodic rock/hard rock stuff and it includes powerful and passionate vocals, a crunchy guitar work and a tight rhythm section enough to make you want more and more!!

The opening tune of "All She Wrote" is just brilliant! Hard rock in an old-fashioned way with an amazing guitar solo and a chorus line to die for! "Dynamite" features a bad-ass groove in it while in "Ride With Angels" the bluesier elements make their appearance in this beautiful mid-tempo. "Playin' Dirty", "Waitin' For This Feelin'" and "Hell To Pay" are all three great rockers and include catchy hooks and choruses, a 'punchier' vibe and great arrangements. The rockier "All In The Name Of Rock N Roll" is yet another killer tune out of this solid debut! Classic rock 'n' roll that brings back the late 80's sound with style!

Dirty White Boyz with their debut album "Down And Dirty" offers a great collection of songs that, if you are a late 80's hard rock freak, like me, you'll love this!!! 

Rating : 8,2/10

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