Monday, February 6, 2017

REVIEW : LIONVILLE -- A World of Fools (2017)

With two solid and very 80's records, Lionville achieved to build a strong reputation around their name in this so difficult and competitive scene. Their pure melodic rock sound along with the westcoast 'pinches' made Lionville a must listen for every fan of bands such as Toto, Richard Marx, Giant, Bad English, Survivor, and Boulevard to name just a few.

Nowadays, and under the flag of Frontiers Records, Lionville returns to music business with album number three. "A World Of Fools" is entitled their new opus and once again will fill with delight every fan of the classic melodic rock sound.

Sometimes edgier 'A World Of Fools' stays true to the previous two recordings and delivers some excellent and well-played AOR stuff. For me the first highlight comes with "Show Me The Love". Edgy melodic rock bliss with a chorus line to sing-a-long for days this tune grabs you at once.

"Bring Me Back Our Love", "Heaven Is Right Here" and "One More Night" are brilliant and ultra-melodic tracks including beautiful melodies, great harmonic lines, plenty of keys and strong guitar lines. "All I Want" is just another killer track out of the new record! Up-tempo with a positive vibe in it this song sounds the perfect soundtrack for your forthcoming summer vacations!! The more straight forward tune of "Living On The Edge" is a stellar track. A nice and 'crunchy' guitar riff, big and harmonic lines and a chorus to die for!!! Check out also the anthemic and catchy "Paradise" that includes a superb guitar solo.

I'm a big fan of Lionville's two previous albums but I have the impression with this new one they overcome themselves and deliver their best album to date. A bigger sound overall, edgier at times but with the same fantastic melodies "A World Of Fools" is a must have for every fan of the melodic rock scene!!!

Rating : 8,8/10

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