Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Junkyard Drive is a new and young band from Denmark and its goal is to create solid and ass-kickin' rock 'n' roll music in an old-fashioned way!! I think that you get a small picture of how this band sounds. If not, then you have to check this band out!!!

In-your-face guitars, strong vocals, loud hooks and choruses and a strong dose of the late 80's hard 'n' sleaze L.A. scene are the ingredients of this really impressive debut record. Junkyard Drive brings out a great energy, passion and will and the sure thing is that we are gonna hear bigger things from them in the near future.

"Bone Dry Jessie" is a song that sounds like it jumped out from bands such as Jungle Blue, Beau Nasty and Julliet (do you remember all those great acts?) to name a few. The chorus is big an loud, the attitude will break your bones and the guitars are crunchy and sleazy!! Sweet stuff!!! "Drama Queen" is yet another super-cool song with a faster tempo but with all the late 80's elements in it! "Take It All" is one of my favorites here; a more straight forward rocker in the vain of Santa Cruz's debut album this song is simply excellent. With "Danger Zone" the boys deliver another hook-laden and groovy hard rocker with attitude.

To conclude here, I have to say that "Sin & Tonic" by Junkyard Drive is one of these records that you are hooked with by the first spin!! It's all about pure and loud rock 'n' roll with attitude.....that's all!!!

Rating : 8,7 /10

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