Monday, February 20, 2017

REVIEW : ART NATION -- Liberation (2017)

ART NATION is  a melodic hard rock/AOR band from Sweden and it could easily be the next big thing from this country!! After the solid debut "Revolution" in 2015, Art Nation comes back with a new opus which is entitled "Liberation". "Liberation" includes all the things that we loved from the debut plus a catchier and more in-your-face sound that will make a big impact to this scene.

First of all, if you are a fan of bands such as Eclipse, H.E.A.T., W.E.T. and Dynazty, then you HAVE to check out this band!!! It mixes perfectly all the great elements of the above mentioned super-bands plus their own identity and, at the end it creates a brilliant record that will end-up high in this year's top lists!!!

The opening tune of "Ghost Town" is just perfect!!! Punchy, in-your-face and with a chorus line to die for this one must be played on maximum volume!!! Stunning!!! "Maniac" includes a big groove in it, a 'clever' an' loud chorus line that reminds H.E.A.T. and great arrangements! Do you want more? If yes then, check out "Kiss Up & Kick Down" and you'll be hit by a monstrous modern melodic rock anthem!!

"When Stars Align", "One Nation" and "A Thousand Charades" are all three big and hook galore melodic rock gems with huge choruses, crunchy guitars, powerful vocals and in an one word...perfect!!!!

Next, in "I'm Alive" we are dealing with yet another killer track. Starts slowly with a haunting melody and, when it comes to the chorus, it explodes!!! For sure, one of the best tunes that this band has ever recorded. "Paralyzed" is the heavier cut in this new record and it shows perfectly the abilities of this band to write heavier stuff also.

To consume here, Art Nation with "Liberation" delivers an ultra-catchy, impressive, powerful and extremely melodic album!!! "Liberation" is a melodic rock piece of an art that can't be missed by any fan of bands such as Eclipse, H.E.A.T. and Dynazty!!!! 

Rating : 10/10 

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