Sunday, December 18, 2016

REVIEW : THE MURDER OF MY SWEET - Echoes of the Aftermath (2017)

The Swedish melodic metal band of The Murder Of My Sweet was formed back in 2007 by the producer/drummer Daniel Flores. The sound of the band is heavenly influenced by movie scores and that makes the final result even more attractive.

The band's latest effort, "Beth Out Of Hell" was and still is a damn fine release and was praised by both fans and music press. Angelica Rylin has an amazing vocal and in this new record her performances are top notch (as always)!!!! The production is once again solid and the rhythm section strong as hell!!

So, the question here is what to expect from "Echoes Of The Aftermath"? The answer is simple like that; well-played, well-performed and with some excellent performances melodic metal (with all the band's elements) that will please the band's fans but, also, will gain more audience as well.

The new opus kicks-off with the symphonic and epic "Sleeping Giant". This song represents in the best way the sound of The Murder Of My Sweet!! Melodic, heavy and with a cinematic vibe in it!!! "Cry Wolf" is movin' to the same paths but with a more straight-forward approach while in "Echoes Of The Aftermath" we have one of the new album's best tunes. Excellent arrangements, a such a beautiful melody and Angelica's superb performances. With "Shining After Dark" the band continues to deliver brilliant music. This is one of these songs that you push the repeat button again and again. The melancholic vibe along with the heaviness here makes the perfect combination and creates a monster of a track!!!! The 'darker' and heavy "Go On" is yet another highlight that features strong arrangements and a 'clever' chorus line that sticks in your mind and makes you whistle it for days.

This is an excellent album all the way!!! The Murder Of My Sweet achieves to offer a classic record, so emotional, that balances perfectly between classic bands such as Queen and Genesis with a modern melodic metal vibe in it and at the end leaves you speechless!!! Great arrangements, superb guitar work, solid production and stunning performances in a record that can't be missed by anyone!!! 

Rating : 9,2/10


Angelica Rylin - Vocals
Christopher Vetter - Guitar
Patrik Janson - Bass
Daniel Flores - Drums and Keyboards 

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