Thursday, November 3, 2016

REVIEW : VANEXA / Too Heavy To Fly (2016)

To be honest with you here the name VANEXA was completely unknown to me till now that I received the promo for their new album with the title "Too Heavy To Fly".

After my research through the web, I found out that this Italian metal band was active since 1995 and they already have released three studio albums!!! Vanexa's sound is basically melodic metal and it's heavenly influenced by the NWOBHM scene.

The new record kicks-off with the self-titled track, "Too Heavy To Fly". A solid tune that features a heavy riff, a sweet solo, a nice melody, a catchy chorus line and very good performances. Next, in "007" (???), we have a brilliant fast-paced rocker with a strong NWOBHM 'touch' in it while in "Life Is A War" Vanexa delivers an excellent and more straight forward hard rock track and one of the album's highlights.

The instrumental "In The Dark" includes a really nice and intense moodier melody and "Kiss In The Dark" is yet another killer track from the new album. More U.S. flavored with a 'cool' riffing this song is among my favorites from "Too Heavy To Fly".

All in all, this is a solid record from a band that was completely unknown to me so far. Very good arrangements, strong performances, melodies and with a traditional hard rock/metal vibe in it "Too Heavy To Fly" is very enjoyable from start to finish. 

Rating : 8,2/10

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  1. Vanexa were one of the first Italian heavy metal band, their self-titled LP was consecrated by the national press as the first italian heavy metal album. Born in Savona in 1978, their sound was typically Anglo-Saxon evidence abroad where they were cited by several magazines as proponents of the new wave of heavy metal band from late '70s early '80s. They also participated as a headliner at the first heavy metal festival held in Certaldo Italian in Florence May 21, 1983. In their careers have also participated in various compilations including metal of Metal Mountain, exit the United States, with the song "Hanged Man" and Metal Italy with the song "It's Over". In 2007 a CD reissue of their eponymous debut album with 3 bonus tracks and unreleased second album "Back From The Ruins" with 5 bonus tracks taken from a live concert of 1984 was released in 2010 is out "1979-80" a compilation of early material ( totally sung in italian) released on vynil and cd supports. We needed a new fresh band with a new fresh sound. VANEXA spearheaded what was termed 'the new wave of heavy metal'.