Wednesday, July 27, 2016

REVIEW : 7HY / Stories We Tell (2016)

Seven Hard Years (7HY) is the brainchild of SHY's drummer Allan Kelly. Back in 2014, 7HY took flesh and blood and released a superb slice of pure melodic rock stuff that impressed every fan of this particular scene. Nowadays, the band is ready for album number two with the title "Stories We Tell".

7HY's newest record is armed with 12 killer tracks in it and an impressive guest list such as Dave Martin, Pete Fry (FarCry) and Calle Hammer (Houston) among others and the sure thing is that "Stories We Tell" will be another great release from this band.

Lead singer, Shawn Pelata, has a clear and powerful voice and achieves to take the final result higher. "I'll Survive", the opening tune is a winner; a fast-paced rocker with a chorus line that sticks in your mind at once and Pelata's superb performances at front row!! The guitar work is, also, excellent!!! The moodier and 'darker' rocker of "Break The Spell" is another great sample of 7HY's music. The 80's "One More Day" is one of the new album's highlights!! A true U.S. flavored mid-tempo rocker with a great guitar work, passionate vocals and solid arrangements!!!  "Church" is the heaviest track here, so far, while in "Broken Man" we are dealing with a brilliant song!!! Another catchy rocker with a huge chorus line, stunning arrangements and Pelata's amazing performances!! "Sweet Sensation" and "Wasn't Always Like This" (just listen to the killer guitar work!!!) are both very very good!!!!

The story about 7HY's "Stories We Tell" is that these guys achieve to release a well-crafted album that includes some killer tracks in it, an excellent musicianship, plenty of talent and heart and soul!!! Check it out!!!

Rating : 8,5/10


I’ll Survive
Break the Spell
Don’t Believe a Word
One More Day
Only Human
Into You
Broken Man
Driving Me Crazy
I’ve Been Waiting
Sweet Sensation
Wasn’t Always Like This
Driving Me Crazy Duet (Bonus Mix)

7HY is
Alan Kelly – guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, backing vocals
Shawn Pelata – lead and backing vocals


Dave Martin (Marshall Law) – lead guitar
Pete Fry (Farcry) – lead guitar
Calle Hammer (Houston) – lead guitar
Danny Beardsley (Emperor Chung) – lead guitar
Eliot Kelly – lead guitar
Paul Kelly – lead guitar
Martin Walls – bass
Tom Dwyer (Marshall Law) – bass

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