Monday, May 9, 2016

"Live it up" is the new single by singer Giulio Garghentini

"Live It Up" is the new single by Giulio Garghentini, an anticipation from the new full lenght album due to be released by Tanzan Music in 2017.

Following the succes of "Believe", the new track digs deeper in the Soul influences of Giulio, merging them together with the classic Rock style of the italian singer.

The single will be released on May 23rd together with the official videoclip directed by Riccardo Bernardi, who has collaborated with Tanzan Music in the shooting of "My Jesus", "I Can't Stand The Rain" and "Shoreline"

Music & Lyrics: Mario Percudani & Giulio Garghentini

Produced by Mario Percudani

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Tanzan Music Studio by Mario Percudani and Daniele Mandelli

Line Up:

Giulio Garghentini: lead and backing vocals
Mario Percudani: guitars, backing vocals
Paolo Apollo Negri: keyboards
Gianni Grecchi: bass
Paolo Botteschi: drums

Tanzan Music Academy Backing Vocalists:

Nicole Fodritto, Clementine Nastista, Elisa Beltrame, Maura Arianti 

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