Saturday, April 23, 2016

REVIEW : TED POLEY / Beyond the Fade (2016)

The voice of Danger Danger, the man who needs no introduction; Mr. Ted Poley is back with his new solo record and he is ready to rock our world! "Beyond The Fade" is entitled Poley's brand new opus and with a winning team by his side like Tom and James Martin (Vega), Alessandro Del Vecchio, Mario Percudani and Anna Portalupi nothing goes wrong!!!

His new record offers us a strong dose of melodies, some really amazing guitar lines, powerful vocals, hooks and choruses to sing-a-long for dayz and an 80's feeling! Do you need more?

With "Everything We Are" comes the first highlight of "Beyond The Fade". This is melodic hard rock, 'punchy' AOR at its best! An up-tempo and classic 80's gem that grabs you at once and leaves you hungry for more! "Hands Of Love" brings back the Danger Danger sound while in "Stars" we are dealing with a monstrous AOR song. Beautiful, in-your-face with a chorus line to die for "Stars" kicks you in your face and makes you see stars!!! "Higher", one of my personal favorites here, is yet another killer melodic rock track that includes every little thing that we love from this music. "You Won't See Me Cryin'" sounds like a leftover from Poley's "Smile" release and in "Sirens" its chorus line will make you whistle it for days.

Simply breathtaking and beautiful! Poley is back with a killer record that brings back the late 80's melodic rock sound with attitude. This is an album that will be the perfect soundtrack for the summer and will fill you up with a positive vibe! 

Rating : 10/10

Track Listing :
01. Let's Start Something
02. Everything We Are
03. Hands Of Love
04. The Perfect Crime
05. Stars
06. Higher
07. Where I Lost You
08. You Won't See Me Cryin'
09. We Are Young
10. Sirens
11. Beneath The Stars

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