Friday, February 19, 2016

REVIEW : The Last Vegas / Eat Me (2016)

The rock band of The Last Vegas is back in business with a brand new record which is entitled "Eat Me". After their successful three latest albums (2010’s 'Whatever Gets You Off', 2012’s 'Bad Decisions' and 2013’s 'Sweet Salvation') it's time for "Eat Me" and it's time for another killer record full of some really bad-ass riffs, attitude and a bunch of some serious and in-your-face rock 'n' roll!!!

This time the boys collaborate with a European production team (Sweden’s Grammy-nominated Classe Persson is mastering) and, also, they decided to self-produce 'Eat Me'. “There’s a lot of feeling in this record. It’s fascinating what you can express musically when you record songs quickly, never second-guessing your gut instinct. We found the soul in rock’n’roll; from both Chicago and Stockholm” says guitarist Adam Arling.

The new album starts off with a killer commercial rock anthem; "Bloodthirsty" will rock your world with its up-tempo, feel-good vibe but, also, with it's sing-a-long chorus and big harmonies!!! "Universe You" has a strong Lenny Kravitz feeling in it while the groovier "Hot Fudge" includes a bad-ass riffing in it that makes you wanna shake and tumble!!! Awesome stuff!!!!  "Voodoo Woman" is a great bluesy-hard rocking tune and the Black Crows-esque "Hard To Get Over.." will set your party on fire!!!

Overall, this is a damn solid rock album all the way!! The guys took the best of the 70's, the attitude of the late 80's and a more fresh and modern approach of the 00's and they achieved to release "Eat Me". Eat it with your eyes closed......

Rating : 8,5/10

Track Listing :
1. Bloodthirsty
2. Here We Go Again
3. Universe & You
4. Hot Fudge
5. Along For The Ride
6. Voodoo Woman
7. Love’s Got Nothing On Me
8. Hard To Get Over (You’re So)
9. To Be Treated
10. Anything It Takes
11. From Hell

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