Sunday, January 24, 2016

REVIEW : LIFELINE / Scream (2015)

One of last year's releases that escaped my attention is LIFELINE's debut opus with the title "Scream". This new band features Nigel Bailey (Bailey, Three Lions) and Lee Small (Shy, Phenomena) on vocals, the extraordinary guitarist Paul Hume (Demon, Lawless), Andy Bailey on keyboards (Three Lions, Bailey) and the line-up completes with Steve Clarkson on drums (Bailey).

The album combines perfectly the classic melodic hard rock sound of the late 80's, early 90's, and AOR with a hard edge and the result is this really interesting effort. The two singers are givin' the extra 'push' to the final result with their really stunning performances and Hume's guitar licks are the cherry on top.

"Scream" kicks-off impressively with a great rocker! "Fear No More" is a huge ass-kickin' rocker that takes no prisoners! "Jezebel" was a tune that grabbed my attention with its big groove and its 'fat' hard rocking sound while in "Feels Like Love" the guys are delivering a fantastic melodic rock gem with a catchy chorus line to die for. "Scream" is a fast-paced, upbeat song that includes blistering guitars, thundering drums and superb vocal lines!! When it comes to slower tracks, check out the beautiful "Now His Angels Gone", which really shines with its solid arrangements, the emotional vocals and the smooth acoustic guitar parts.  

Bottom line is that "Scream" is a great record all the way; it's the kinda of an album that grabs you at once and leaves you hungry for more. Well-written, well-performed with an impressive guitar work and a bunch of some killer tracks in it!  

Rating : 9/10

Track Listing :
01 - Fear No More
02 - Far From Home
03 - Jezebel
04 - Nightmare Dream
05 - Feels Like Love
06 - Scream
07 - Danger In The Sky
08 - Destination Freedom
09 - A Fortunate Man
10 - Now His Angels Gone
11 - Mary Jane
12 - Dark Skies

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