Saturday, January 23, 2016

REVIEW : ZANETA / Tales From The Sun (2015)

Zaneta is a new sensational melodic rock/AOR act from Italy and "Tales From The Sun" is entitled its debut album. This four-piece of Italians with this first opus delivers a well-crafted record full of beautiful melodies,superb performances, memorable hooks and choruses and an overall solid production. "Tales From The Sun" is dedicated to the band's heroes such as Journey, Survivor, Strangeways and Giant, to name a few, with a fresh and updated twist.

The band consists of the extraordinary vocalist Simone Roman(also on guitars and bass), Fabrizio "Bicio" Leo on lead guitars, Steff Brusa (ex-EVA) on keyboards and Danilo Marinotti on drums.

The album kicks-off with the ultra-catchy tune of "Maryanne" and put us immediately into the album's mood! 'Ballsy' keyboard-driven melodic rock stuff at its best with a sing-a-long chorus line!! The guitar solo here reminds me a bit of Vito Bratta (yes....of White Lion!!!). Next. "Coming Back" is a more straight-forward AOR gem while in "Feel You Now" Zaneta delivers another melodic rock anthem that will please every fan of this particular scene out there!! The mid-tempo tune of "Not This Time" is movin' to some more oriented U.S. rock paths and in "Dream Of Love" we have a simply breathtaking ballad that includes a superb melody, inspired guitar lines and Roman's emotional vocal lines. Check out, also, the Bon Jovi-esque killer tune of "Saturday".

If you are a fan of the classic AOR sound of the late 80's and generally of the keyboard-driven melodic rock with beautiful melodies and 'crunchy' guitars, then don't miss this little gem!!!

Rating : 9/10

Track Listing :
01 - Maryanne
02 - Coming Back
03 - Feel You Now
04 - Stay
05 - I Won't Cry
06 - Not This Time
07 - All My Life
08 - Saturday
09 - Dream Of Love
10 - Tell Me Why

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