Saturday, January 30, 2016

REVIEW : Heretic’s Dream / Floating state of mind (2016)

Heretic's Dream introduced themselves back in 2012 with the debut "The unexpected move". It achieved to gain some really good reviews from fans and press and it has been on air in different radio stations in Italy, the UK and Canada. The band's next step was in 2013 with the very interesting effort with the title "Walk The Time". That record was my first acquaintance with the band's sound and, to be honest, I liked it a lot. The variety of styles in "Walk The Time" made that album a pleasant ride through Heretic's Dream sound.

Nowadays, the band is ready to unleash album number three with "Floating State Of Mind". As in its previous opus, Heretic's Dream delivers an album that once again is mixing perfectly many rock styles (modern, classic heavy, progressive, pop-rock e.t.c.) and at the end it leaves the best impressions.

Francesca Di Ventura with her amazing vocal abilities gives the 'extra' push to the final result. The guitars are 'crunchy', heavy and melodic and the rhythm section is solid as a rock. The sound here is basically progressive rock/metal with a strong 'touch' of modern rock/hard rock and the aggressive / brutal, here and there, male vocals are givin' to the overall sound a 'darker' vibe. "Master Your Demons" is in my humble opinion a great sample of Heretic's Dream music. Melodic, heavy, melancholic with a huge harmony that grabs you at once and superb arrangements. Excellent stuff!! The heavier and modern rocker of "Hide Yourself" is another highlight here while in the groovier, and more complex,  "Secret Place" the band shows its high skills music abilities.

"Floating State Of Mind" is an extremely interesting release all the way. The band mixes perfectly each members influences and, at the end, it creates an album that will be loved by every fan of the female-fronted modern progressive rock/metal genre.

Rating : 8/10

Track Listing :
1. Face The Agony
2. Pilgrim
3. Master Your Demons
4. Soul Driven
5. Hide Yourself
6. Momentum
7. Secret Place
8. Walk Alone
9. Golden Cage
10. A New Season

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