Saturday, January 30, 2016

REVIEW : BONFIRE / Glorious (2015)

As a long time Bonfire fan, I have to say that I was curious about this new release by this legendary German hard rock band. I'm, also, a big fan of Bonfire's new vocalist, Mr. David Reece (Bangalore Choir, ex-Accept). So, "Glorious" marks the return of Bonfire to the melodic hard rock scene as well as a new chapter for Hans Ziller & Co. to their almost 30 years career.

All the songs here are written by Bonfire's mastermind Hans Ziller and David Reece, with Hans, also, handling the production and the 'mighty' Alessandro Del Vecchio (who also play keyboards) in mixing & mastering.

The result is this surprising good record that recalls to the band's earlier days and records such as "Fire Works" and "Point Blank" with a fresh and updated sound that will please each and every single fan of Bonfire. Reece's sings his heart out and delivers some of his best performances to-date and really looks like that he is the best choice as Bonfire's main man!! "Nothin' At All" is the album's first highlight; a brilliant rocker that could easily appear in any of the band's earlier stuff, that takes no prisoners with its up-beat rhythm, the sharp guitars and Reece's powerful vocal lines.  Another killer tune is without any doubt the U.S. flavored "Remember". Yes, this track has the signature of David Reece from his Bangalore Choir days. When it comes to a ballad, then Bonfire is the right band to deliver an impressive one with "Falling Outta Love". Amazing performances, superb guitar lines, a Scorpions-esque vibe and a stunning melody that leaves you breathless.  If you are looking for an ass-kickin' and in-your-face rocker, then check out "Free Wind Desperado"(play it on maximum volume)!!! The band, also, decided to re-record two classic cuts, "Sweet Obsession" and "American Nights", and I have to admit that Mr. Reece has done a fine job in both tracks.

Bonfire is back with a big record! Even though the band has changed its main shouter, the 'new' man on board (David Reece) brought a whole new fresh one with him and together as a band they recorded "Glorious" which stands equally along with Bonfire's classic albums.

Rating : 9/10

Track Listing :
01 - 21 Guns Salute (Goes Boom)
02 - Nothin’ at All
03 - Can’t Break Away
04 - Remember
05 - Fallin’ Outta Love
06 - Glorious
07 - Supernatural Disguise
08 - Shooting Star
09 - Lies
10 - Put out the Flames
11 - Free Wind Desperado
12 - Sweet Obsession
13 - American Nights
14 - With a Little Help from My Friends (bonus)

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