Saturday, November 7, 2015

REVIEW : Voodoo Circle / Whisky Fingers (2015)

Voodoo Circle, the super-group that consists of the extraordinary guitarist Alex Beyrodt, the voice of Pink Cream 69 David Readman, Mat Sinner plus the two newest members of  the 'mighty' Alessandro del Vecchio and drummer Francesco Jovino (Primal Fear, ex-U.D.O.) is finally back with album number four and probably the band's best record to-date!!

VOODOO CIRCLE was founded in 2008 by Alex Beyrodt. The self-titled debut album was released in 2011. ‘Broken Heart Syndrome’ followed and secured the band’s first chart success in Germany, as well as a headlining tour in support of the release. ‘More Than One Way Home’ was released in 2013 and entered the charts in several European countries. After the band's headlining tour, VOODOO CIRCLE got the opportunity to play with rock legends Uriah Heep on their 12 German shows in late 2014.

The new album is entitled "Whiskey Fingers" and, as I already mentioned above, it is probably the band's best album to-date. It's very 80's with some 70's pinches as well and with a Whitesnake vibe to haunt the whole project. The name Whiskey Fingers is influenced by guitarist Steve Stevens who  said : "I once had a discussion with Eddie Van Halen, when we toured together. We started discussing guitarists that influenced us and why we liked them. He said "they all had whisky on their fingers" Meaning you could hear the years of playing in bars and gigs getting into their soul...."

The album kicks-off with the amazing, and very Whitesnake-ish "Trapped In Paradise" which is a fast-paced and powerful in-your-face rocker that is build for big arenas! "Heartbreaking Woman" sounds like it 'jumped' out from the "Slide It In" album!!! A very 'classy' tune that includes a superb guitar solo. The 70's influenced "Watch And Wait I Got My Eye On You" is good while "Medicine Man" is just killer commercial stuff !!! Yes, this track is pure melodic hard rock heaven that grabs you at once and makes you wanna play it again and again! The classic Rainbow influences makes their appearances in "Heart Of Stone", which is another highlight out of the new record. The best track here is without any doubt the bluesy and heart-full tune of "The Rhythm Of My Heart".

Killer album, no doubt bout that! The guys here nailed it and delivered their best record to-date! Powerful rockers, beautiful mid-tempos, superb guitar lines, strong performances and a solid production are the ingredients of "Whiskey Fingers". If you are a true fan of classic and melodic hard rock sound, this album is a must have! Highly recommended!

Rating : 9/10

Track Listing :
01. Trapped In Paradise
02. Heartbreaking Woman
03. Watch And Wait (I Got My Eye On You)
04. Medicine Man
05. The Day The Walls Came Down
06. Heart Of Stone
07. Straight Shooter
08. The Rhythm Of My Heart
09. Devil Takes Me Down
10. 5 O’Clock
11. Been Said And Done

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