Saturday, November 14, 2015

REVIEW : LUCID DREAMS / Build And Destroy (2015)

Two years ago, in 2013, Norway based melodic hard rockers Lucid Dreams presented their debut self-titled record that left a big promise for the future. Nowadays, the band is back with its brand new album which is entitled "Build And Destroy". The album is produced by the band's guitarist Rune Gutuen, and was mixed and mastered by Fredrik Nordstr├Âm at Studio Fredman, Sweden in August 2015.

The debut included some excellent guitar-driven powerful hard rock/melodic metal gems that I enjoyed a lot and the truth is that I was looking forward to the band's next step.

So, in "Build And Destroy" we are gonna find the same powerful and in-your-face melodic hard rock/metal stuff, in the vain of the debut, that is filled with huge guitar riffs n' solos, amazing performances, great arrangements and catchy hooks and choruses. The opening tune of "Wings Of The Night" is a fast-paced melodic metal monster that put us directly in the mood of "Build And Destroy". Next, "Hellbound" could easily appear in any of Lynch Mob's earlier releases! Yes, this Lynch-esque track is pure melodic heavy rock bliss that includes a superb guitar work and a late 80's vibe that makes it a true highlight. "Fear No Evil" and "Build And Destroy" are both tight, powerful and overall great samples of pure 80's melodic metal sound. "Absence Of Innocence" starts of with a 'dark' atmospheric vibe and turns into an amazing progressive metal anthem in the vain of Queensr├┐che's "Empire" album!!! "High Heeled Devil" is a guitar-static pure delight while in "Shanghai Cyanide" the band delivers a killer metal song!! The new opus closes with the solid and very Iron Maiden-ish "Eye Of The Storm".

All my expectations from Lucid Dreams are full-filled with this solid second album. As I already said in my review of the band's debut ( ) "I expect bigger things in the near future from them regarding of this brilliant debut!". So, the time has come for Lucid Dreams for a recognition from a wider audience. Well done!!!!

Rating : 8,8/10

Track Listing :
1. Wings Of The Night. 2. Hellbound . 3. Fear No Evil. 4. Absence Of Innocence. 5. Build And Destroy. 6. High Heeled Devil. 7. Shanghai Cyanide. 8. Eye Of The Storm.

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