Sunday, November 15, 2015

REVIEW : FIND ME / Dark Angel (2015)

2013 was the year of newcomer melodic hard rock/AOR band of FIND ME here in Heavy Paradise. The debut album "Wings Of love" was voted as the album of the year and "Dancing To A Broken Dream" was the first choice in Heavy Paradise's top lists. So, the anticipation of a new release was high enough! Nowadays, the collaboration between these two very talented Swedish musicians, songwriter and producer Daniel Flores (Issa, The Murder of My Sweet, Seventh Wonder) and singer Robbie LaBlanc from Blanc Faces, is finally back with the bran new "Dark Angel" album.

The band, except Flores and La Blanc, consists of Philip Lindstrand (Rhythm and lead Guitars, Bass) and Sören Kronqvist (Keyboards). In the new opus, we find, also, Angelica Rylin and Christopher Vetter (Lead guitars and Clean Guitars) who contribute with theiier own way to the final result.

The result is another killer melodic hard rock/AOR masterpiece that will put a smile upon the face of every single fan of pure melodic sound. Catchy enough choruses and hooks to sing-a-long for days, powerful and emotional vocals, a positive vibe, extremely melodic guitars and most of all killer tracks are the ingredients of "Dark Angel".

Take for example the excellent, up-tempo and melodic "Bleed In The Rain" that will be included in the list of the 'Top Songs Of 2015', or the catchy as hell "Midnight Memories" which sounds like it came out from the 1987-1992 golden era of AOR and you'll get the picture of how "Dark Angel" sounds! With "Let Love Rule" the guys deliver a fast-paced rocker with a positive vibe in it while in "Where Do I Go" we are dealing with yet another killer AOR anthem that all the fans of this scene will adore! Angelica Rylin contributes in "Another Day" and launches this gem to...Heavy Paradise!!! Yes, this song is pure candy in my ears!

As you can all assume, this album grabbed me at once and filled me with delight and positive feelings. Powerful and solid melodic hard rock/AOR stuff at its best! Killer stuff!!!

Rating : 10/10

Track Listing :
Nowhere to Hide, Let Love Rule, Forever, Another Day, Dark Angel, Bleed in the Rain, Face to Face, Where Do I Go, Midnight Memories, Don't Slip Away From Me, Did You Feel Any Love, I'm Free 

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  1. Thank you guys!
    This means allot to every member of the band!