Sunday, November 8, 2015


Fate's Right Band is back with a brand new EP which is entitled "Smile". After the solid EP "Knucklebuster Hits", the band returns with yet another mini album that will leaves you hungry for more.

The question is why this band ισ releasing several EP's instead of a full-length record? The answer is getting tηrough the lips of the group that states :"The Purpose of releasing several EP's for a short time is that we are a bit impatient and want to let the public hear our tunes faster and not have wait for a full album. It also puts some pressure on us to be more focused and determined and to keep the creative process going. We'll see if we continue like this. The band now focuses on writing new songs and they plan to enter the studio again in winter 2016, to release the material early spring 2016"

As in "Knucklebuster Hits" same here Fate's Right Band continues to deliver strong melodic hard rock songs that includes powerful performances, solid arrangements, catchy hooks and choruses and a tight musicianship. For example, the opening tune of "My World Is Falling" is pure candy in my ears! Yes, this track is a damn fine piece of classic straight forward heavy rock stuff with a chorus line to sing-a-long and a ripping guitar solo! "Black Heart Of Stone" is good while in "Smile" we are dealing with a big hard rock anthem with a modern twist and a memorable chorus. Next, "We Can Fake It" features a nice groove and again a blasting guitar work to close the album with the ultra-catchy, and my personal favorite, "I Wasn't Ready". This is a kinda of song that deserves to be a big hit!!

Closing I have to say that Fate's Right Band is a band that deserves to be big!! Yes, they have the songs, the attitude and generally they have the whole package to be the next big thing! For now, put α"Smile" and let music do the speaking......

Rating : 9/10

Track Listing : My World Is Falling, Black Heart Of Stone, Smile, We Can Fake It, I Wasn't Ready

Fate's RightBand
•JariAalto,rhythm guitar

•Jonas Andersson, drums
•JensMann,lead guitar
•JonnyLindkvist, vocals

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