Saturday, October 17, 2015

REVIEW : FAITH HEALER / Back To Zero (2015)

FAITH HEALER is a new melodic hard rock band that formed in 2014 by Dutch legendary guitarist Peter Bourbon of Picture and Vengeance. Joined by the extremely talented Dennis Geraads (drummer, producer, sound engineer and owner of the Skillz Drums Academy), Peter Rovers (bass), Marc Meesters (guitarist and singer) and vocalist Zinny Zalesky (Piotr 'Zinny' Zaleski), Faith Healer was born and nowadays present the debut full-length record which is entitled "Back To Zero".

After the heavy and groovy opener tune of "Send Me A Sign", it's time for the first highlight of the debut. "Going With The Flow" is pure melodic hard rock bliss! It's heavy, extremely catchy with attitude and includes a tasty guitar work that makes you wanna push the repeat button again and again. "Love Is A Crime" and "Mean Machine" recalls the late 80's U.S. hard rock scene while in "Keep On Dreaming" we have the first ballad of "Back To Zero". This is simply an excellent power-ballad, very 80's that features a sweet melody and Zinny Zalesky's powerful vocals.

The album continues with the powerful and fast-paced rocker of "On The Run" that puts more attitude and with the beautiful "Why Don't We Go" the Scandi-melodic rock elements are obvious. Some bluesier touches in "Tell Us Who You Are" gives an extra sweet flavor to rock again with the Dokken-esque "Hungry For Rock".

"Back To Zero" is a damn fine piece of tradition hard rock record with attitude, great guitar work, powerful performances and a bunch of some killer tunes in it. One of this year's big surprises!!!

Rating : 8/10

Track Listing :
 01 - Send Me a Sign
02 - Going With the Flow
03 - Love Is a Crime
04 - Grain in the Sand
05 - Mean Machine
06 - Keep On Dreaming
07 - On the Run
08 - Why Don't We Go
09 - Be My Serpentine
10 - Tell Us Who You Are
11 - B-Ware
12 - Hungry for Rock

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