Friday, August 14, 2015

REVIEW : Lioncage - Done At Last (2015)

Lioncage is a new melodic rock band from Germany and the story begun back in a festival in Loreley that was headlined by Toto and Whitesnake. As all three band members are influenced by 80’s rock such as Toto, Foreigner and Journey, it was an easy decision to form a band based on these influences. They all had played in cover bands before and the writing process of own material came naturally. The Band consists of Thorsten Bertermann on vocals, Torsten Lanndsberger on drums and  Lars Konig on guitar. The album produced by Lars Konig.

All the songs here are well-written, well-performed and include 'crunchy' guitars, strong performances, a tight musicianship and an 80's vibe. The music itself it's catchy with 'clever' hooks and choruses and the only low point here is the lack of a stronger and more in-your-face production. "Dancing Queen" is one of the album's highlights. A west-coast AOR anthem that recalls the sound of bands such as TOTO and late Genesis. "Till The Morning Comes" is yet another superb slice of pure AOR stuff at its best. Melodic with a so sweet melody, this tune grabs you and travels you far away! "Reach The Stars" includes a great guitar work with a strong bluesy feeling while in "Stay" the band put more groove in it and the result is brilliant!!

For the fans of pure 80's AOR/West-coast sound this album is a big must have! Lioncage brings back the classic AOR sound back and they bring it with style in this really solid debut. Highly recommended!
Rating : 8/10

Track Listing :
1. Mission Of Love
2. Stay
3. Fallin'
4. Dancing Queen
5. Till The Morning Comes
6. Where Do We Go
7. Don't Be Afraid
8. Reach The Stars
9. Pictures
10. Down Under

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