Wednesday, August 19, 2015

REVIEW : Stormhammer / Echoes Of A Lost Paradise (2015)

"Echoes Of A Lost Paradise" is entitled Stormhammer's fifth official release. The power metal band of Stormhammer was founded in 1993 in Munich, Germany. After the worldwide release of four CDs and an extensive touring with bands like Blind Guardian, Grave Digger and others, it's time for "Echoes Of A Lost Paradise", the new album, to be added to Stormhammer's collection.

The line-up features the two founding members of Manni Ewender and Horst Teßman, a new vocalist, Jürgen Dachl (ex-Diabolos Dust), and the newcomers guitarist Bernd Intveen (ex-van Langen, ex-The Roxx) and drummer Chris Widmann (ex-Emergency Gate).

The music is basically Euro Power Metal stuff that includes powerful performances, thanks to Jürgen Dachl's strong voice, heavy to the bone guitars, impressive drums and some 'clever' epic elements as well. "Echoes Of A Lost Paradise" is not your ordinary Power Metal album. The 'thrashy' pinches in most of the songs gives the extra flavor to the final result and makes it more attractive to a wider metal audience. Listen to the classic heavy tune of "Leaving" (the highlight out of the new record), the power ballad "Into Darkest Void" that features a superb guitar solo, "Stormrider" and the amazing mid-tempo "Ocean" and the sure thing is that you'll discover a solid album!

Rating : 8/10

1. Remembrance
2. Glory Halls Of Valhalla
3. Fast Life
4. Echoes Of A Lost Paradise
5. Leaving
6. Bloody Tears
7. Holy War
8. Black Clouds
9. Into Darkest Void
10. Promises
11. Stormrider
12. The Ocean

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