Wednesday, May 6, 2015

REVIEW : NELSON / Peace Out (2015)

One of my all time favorite bands of the so-called pop-metal / hair metal / melodic hard era, Nelson are back to the music scene with their new opus which is entitled "Peace Out". In their new album, the Nelson brothers are doin' what they know better than anyone. And what is this? To play well-crafted melodic rock songs that will make each and every rock fan very happy!

The new songs are all characterized by their strong arrangements, a more 'modern' approach, the well-known sweet and catchy hooks and choruses, the solid performances and the overall 80's feel. "Peace Out" is movin' across somewhere between the huge "After The Rain" and the very good "Imaginator".

Definitely, the Nelson brothers with this new record don't discover America and certainly "Peace Out" does not claim laurels of originality. The sure thing is that manages to sound pleasant from start to finish and at the end brings back memories from another innocent era of this particular scene.

Already, from the opening tune of "Hello Everybody", Nelson put us in the mood for what to expect next! It is an up-tempo and melodic to the bone tune that resembles Nelson of "After The Rain" era. "Let It Ride" and "Back In The Day" are both very good tracks while with the ultra catchy "I Wanna Stay Home" we are dealing with a song that sticks in your mind from the first listen . "Rockstar" is probably the absolute highlight here! More attitude than the previous but with a chorus that will make you sing-a-long, "Rockstar" could easily be the new anthem for every rocker out there! Interesting is also the heavier "Bad For You".

Extremely interesting album by Nelson that will please any die-hard of the band. As I already mentioned above, Nelson are staying loyal to what they know better and achieve to release a brilliant melodic rock record. 
Rating : 8,5/10

Track Listing :
1. Hello Everybody
2. Back In The Day
3. Invincible
4. Let It Ride
5. I Wanna Stay Home
6. On The Bright Side
7. Rockstar
8. Autograph
9. What’s Not To Love?
10. You And Me
11. Bad For You
12. Leave The Light On For Me

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