Wednesday, April 29, 2015

REVIEW : Maxxxwell Carlisle / Visions of Speed and Thunder (Compilation) – 2015

The amazing shred guitarist and competitive bodybuilder Maxxxwell Carlisle is back in music business with his newest album which is entitled "Visions of Speed and Thunder". The new record features tracks from each of his previous releases, fully re-mixed and re-mastered, plus several brand new tracks. The album features guest appearances by guitarist Michael Angelo Batio and Nita Strauss, electric cellist Tina Guo and Lords of the Trident vocalist Fang VonWrathenstein.

In 2013, Maxxxwell joined the new line-up of legendary Los Angeles, California based heavy metal band Hellion. They teamed up with legendary producer Ken Scott (Pink Floyd, Jeff Beck, The Rolling Stones, etc.) to record new material, the first of which was included on the 2014 Hellion anthology album, “To Hellion and Back”. Maxxxwell has also recently been featuring on the new Michael Angelo Batio CD, “Intermezzo”. The CD, also, features legendary shredders George Lynch, Michael Romeo, Jeff Loomis, Guthrie Govan, Craig Goldy, Rusty Cooley, Chris Poland and many more!

His is heavenly influenced by guitarists such as Chris Impellitteri, Akira Takasaki, Tony Macalpine, Michael Angelo Batio, Yngwie Malmsteen, Luca Turilli, Paul Gilbert, Rusty Cooley and Jason Becker blended with many neo-classical pinches and the result is simply unique!

His "Full Metal Thunder" album in 2013 was overall a solid record all the way and I have to admit that I enjoyed it a lot and till now is in a regular basis in my cd player. This new one, although is a compilation is extremely enjoyable too from start to finish. And for those like me, who haven't got the chance to hear all the previous Maxxxwell's works seems to be the perfect picture of who is Maxxxwell Carlisle!

13 tracks of pure shredding magic full of powerful performances, a tight musicianship and a balls-to-the-wall sound that the sure thing is that will make happy each and every metal maniac out there. Believe me, this album is a must have for all of you who refuse to follow the new trends of music and wants the metal old-fashion and with lots of attitude! 

Rating : 8,4/10

Track Listing :
1. Visions of Speed and Thunder
2. Marching with the Dragons
3.Full Metal Thunder
4. The Power of Metal Compels Me
5. Power Angel
6. Visions of Victory
7. Ramming Speed
8. Thunder Fortress
9. Duet for Electric Cello and Electric Guitar in A minor
10. Axis Accelerator
11. Speed Force 

12. The Call Of The Metal (bonus track)
13. Shield Of Thunder (bonus track)

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