Sunday, March 1, 2015

REVIEW : WILD SOULS / On The Road (2013)

Wild Souls is a Greek hard rock and "On The Road" is its debut album. Founded back in July 2010, by the guitarist Kostis Tsiligiris, Wild Souls formed their basic member line-up a year later with George Nikolaou as a leading vocalist and followed by Dimitris Mazarakis on the keyboards. With Tassos Karapapazoglou (Bass) and Nikos Tsiligoudis (Drums) they recorded and released their first single entitled “Brokenheart”, in September 2011.

After several gigs around the country, it was time for Wild Souls to write and compose a full-length album. As I mentioned above, "On The Road" is entitled the band's debut and it's about a well-crafted classic hard rock album that includes a tight songwriting, cool hooks and choruses, solid performances and strong guitar work. This album features, also, the great Doug Aldrich (Bad Moon Rising, Burning Rain, ex-Whitesnake) that gives an extra help on the song "On The Road".

The song that opens this debut, "You And Me", is a nice hard rock tune with a late 80's vibe and excellent guitar work. Probably the highlight of the album. Next, "On The Road" is yet simply killer! More groove, more big guitars (D. Aldrich feat. here) and a huge blues hard rock sound make this track a winner! "Brokenheart" is a very good ballad while in "Wild Soul" we are dealing with another 80's rocker. It's time to slow the tempo a bit with the emotional mid-tempo, 'darker' and my personal favorite "Runnin' Away". "When Love Is Gone" is a superb ballad and  with "T.F.F.T." (feat. Kostas Paraskevas on guitars) it's time to raise our glasses in the name of Rock 'n' Roll!!!! The album closes with the acoustic version of "Brokenheart".

Excellent album from start to finish!! These guys have plenty of talent and that's a thing that reflects in every single moment here. The addition of Doug Aldrich and my personal friend Kostas Paraskevas is the cherry on top. I'm looking forward to the band's next step!! Well done!!

Rating : 8,8 / 10

Track Listing : You And Me, On The Road(feat. D. Aldrich ), Broken Heart, Wild Soul, Runnin' Away, When Love Is Gone, T.F.F.T.(feat. Kostas Paraskevas),  Broken Heart(acoustic version).

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