Sunday, March 8, 2015

REVIEW : KNOCK OUT KAINE / Rise Of The Electric Jester (2015)

Do you remember Knock Out Kaine who in 2012 released a great debut full of catchy rock 'n' roll anthems? If yes, then, I have some news for ya; this UK heavy rock combo is back with yet another impressive slice of pure 80's heavy rock album and with this new one, "Rise Of The Electric Jester", are aiming for some bigger things.

From the opening tune of "16 Grams of Heart Attack", the boys are showing their teeth; this track is simply an ass-kickin' heavy rock anthem with passion and a bad-ass attitude!! "Fire And Smoke" is yet another killer song (and we are still in the beginning!!!). Knock Out Kaine took the best from the Hair Metal era put their mark and there you have another winner with a stunning guitar solo!!! Next, "How Would I Know" is a bit different 'cause it's nothing to do about with the two previous heavy rockers. This is a beautiful more pop rock-ish and, of course, another fantastic song!!

Bluesier and smooth "Diamond Blue" comes to prove that this band has plenty of talent while in "Cascading" the boys put some funkier touches. Awesome record so far!! Pedal to the metal again with the sleazier "Ain't Your Kind" that includes attitude, attitude....and more attitude! It's time again for something different with the 'strange' "Boxes" (pretty interesting tune) and the breathtaking and more commercial tune of "Flying Blind"(which is among my personal favorites). What would be a heavy rock album without a ballad? Don't worry 'cause Knock Out Kaine have foreseen and have delivered "Because You Were There". A so sweet song that reminds a bit of HINDER's works. The album closes with style with the good rocker of "One More For The Road".  

Knock Out Kaine with their second album achieved to rock my world for good! They created a solid and 'punchy' hard rock album with attitude and the impressive thing here is that they also put some new elements to their music that are really good! Well done!!!
Rating : 8,5/10

Track Listing :
01 - 16 Grams of Heart Attack
02 - Fire and Smoke
03 - How Would I Know
04 - Diamond Blue
05 - Cascading
06 - Ain't Your Kind
07 - Boxes
08 - Flying Blind
09 - Because You Were There
10 - One More For the Road

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  1. Easter egg alert...there is also another track on the album entitled "I'm not as think as you drunk I am" which can be found after track 10 for those who are patient enough to leave it on play for an extra minute or so.