Wednesday, March 4, 2015

REVIEW : H.e.a.t. / Live In London (2015)

Sweden's melodic hard rockers H.e.a.t. are back with a new album. This really superb band recorded this album in May 2014 at Highbury Garage London. H.e.a.t.'s latest release,"Tearing Down The Walls", was the band's fourth official record, second with Erik Gronwall on vocals, and it was a major success.

The sound here is a bit raw and in-your-face and most of the songs are from the band's latest two albums, "Address The Nation" and "Tearing Down The Walls", and only two songs are from the Kenny Leckremo's era ('1000 Miles' and 'Late Night Lady'). To be honest with you here, I would like to hear some songs of the debut or even from the second superb effort performed by Erik Gronwall live.

The band is tight with lots of energy and the performances are really excellent! Erik Gronwall sings his heart out and sometimes while he introduce the next song I have the feeling that I'm hearing Sebastian Bach!!!!! Some of the songs that you are going to hear in 'Live In London" are the heavy hymn of "Point Of No Return", the fantastic and my personal favorite "Mannequin Show", "Enemy In Me", "Inferno", "A Shot Of Redemption" and "Living On The Run".

All in all, this is a great live record from one of the best melodic hard rock bands out there. This band has the whole package and that's a thing that reflects in every single moment here. Fantastic feeling, attitude and solid you want more? For those who haven't got the chance to see H.e.a.t. live (including me), "Live In London" is a MUST have!
Rating : 10/10

Track Listing :
01. “Point Of No Return”heat_cover_hr
02. “A Shot At Redemption”
03. “Better Off Alone”
04. “1000 Miles”
05. “It’s All About Tonight”
06. “Inferno”
07. “The Wreckoning / Tearing Down The Walls”
08. “Mannequin Show”
09. “Late Night Lady”
10. “In And Out Of Trouble”
11. “Downtown”
12. “Enemy In Me”
13. “Emergency”
14. “Breaking The Silence”

15. “Living On The Run” 

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