Monday, February 2, 2015

REVIEW : WAKE THE NATIONS / Sign Of Heart (2015)

Do you remember the melodic hard rock band Human Temple which has released some really interesting records such as the great "Insomnia" in 2004? Risto Tuominen, the founder member of Human Temple is back to music business with this new solid band Wake The Nations and its debut release which is entitled "Sign Of Heart".

"Sign Of Heart" features 10 very good tracks that all are filled with surprisingly good melodies, strong guitar work, catchy hooks and choruses and each and every track has something different to offer due to the variety of the singers. Risto Tuominen invited a great list of musicians such as Janne Hurme (Human Temple), Krister Stenbom (Villa Sucka), Jari Pailamo (No Man's Land) and Taage Laiho (Ghost Machinery), to name a few, and the result is extremely interesting. The music is movin' to the traditional Scandinavian melodic hard rock paths and it's heavenly influenced by bands such as GIANT, H.E.A.T., Reckless Love and Human Temple of course.

The strong keys along with some really stunning guitar solos are givin' the extra flavor to the final result and the highlights here are one after another. The opening tune of "Fairy tale Romance" is pure Melodic Rock heaven; melodic and with plenty of attitude this one is a great appetizer of what to expect next. "All I Want" and "So Broken" are both superb samples of the talent of this band. Both tracks have a more up-dated and 'modern' melodic rock sound but with a strong late 80's AOR 'touch' in it. Especially in "So Broken" the chorus line is breathtaking. Check out also, the fantastic AOR, and more West Coast, tune of "Love Leads The Way".

Bottom line is that "Sign Of Heart" is a truly enjoyable album from start to finish! Great melodies, solid performances, very good tracks and a strong production make this record a must have for each and every single fan of the Melodic Rock genre in general.

Rating : 8,6 /10 

Track Listing :
01. Fairytale Romance
02. The Touch Of Your Hand
03. All I Want
04. So Broken
05. Love Distracts The Senses
06. This Feeling
07. Sea Of Emptiness
08. Love Leads The Way
09. Until The End Of Time
10. Who Am I

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