Thursday, January 29, 2015

REVIEW : STARGAZERY / Stars Aligned (2015)

Stargazery is a Finnish heavy rock band that was originally formed back in 2005. In 2011, the debut album, "Eye On The Sky", was a fact and it received a solid feedback from the music press. Nowadays, Stargazery is back with the brand new effort which is entitled "Stars Aligned".

From the opening tune of "Voodoo", Stargazery is 'showing their nails'; a big and old-fashioned hard rock tune with attitude, great arrangements, a cool guitar work but, most of all, the amazing and smooth vocal lines by Jari Tiura (ex Michael Schenker Group). For sure, this is a great opener and a very good appetizer of what to expect next. And, yes, "Angel Off The Dawn" seems to be another highlight here; a catchy hard rock song that recalls bands such as early Whitesnake and Rainbow to name a few.  "Academy Of Love" is yet another killer tune! It includes a 'moodier' tempo but, when it comes to the chorus, it hits you like a rocket! The guitar solo is also impressive!! "Bring Me The Night" and "Warrior's Inn" are both great samples of this band's talent.

"Stars Aligned" is a strong release all the way! No doubt 'bout that. A true winner here where the classic hard rock scene meets the new generation with class, quality, attitude and plenty of melodies. Highly recommended!

Rating : 9/10

Track listing:
01. Voodoo
02. Angel Of The Dawn
03. Missed The Train To Paradise
04. Invisible
05. Absolution
06. Academy Of Love
07. Painted Into A Corner
08. Dim The Halo
09. Bring Me The Night
10. Hiding
11. Warrior's Inn
12. Dark Lady  

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