Friday, January 16, 2015

REVIEW : ECLIPSE / Armageddonize (2015)

Sweden's sensational melodic hard rock/metal act ECLIPSE is back with its brand new "Armageddonize". After two really superb releases, "Are You Ready To Rock" in 2008 and "Bleed And Scream" in 2012, Eclipse is ready to unleash another gem of an album in the melodic hard n' metal scene. "Armageddonize" has all the elements of the above mentioned efforts plus a more straight forward and more melodic sound.

With this new one record, Eclipse show that they are not anymore the brightest hope for the Melodic Hard Rock music, but a strong reality. That's a fact!! They are young, ambitious and full of energy enough to make you shake and tumble!

The team of Erik MÃ¥rtensson (lead vocals, guitar) and Magnus Henriksson (lead guitars) out-came themselves with "Armageddonize" As I already mentioned above, the new album has a more melodic sound without being cliche or boring. It rocks from start to finish and set, already, the candidate for the album of the year, even though it's too early.

The highlights here come the one after another; the big and sing-a-long choruses grabs you at once and makes you whistle them for days, the guitars are heavy but stuffed with huge melodies, the vocals are passionate and the rhythm section tight as hell! The opening tune of "I Don't Wanna Say I'm Sorry" is pure candy in my ears! Heavy, in-your-face with strong arrangements and a chorus line to die for. Like Whitesnake on steroids! "Blood Enemies" is a great song; it starts with a beautiful guitar solo and explodes into an epic metal anthem! Great stuff! "Wide Open" and "Caught Up In The Rush" are both excellent samples of how melodic heavy rock should sounds. Both tracks made to play on a maximum volume!! "Love Bites" is yet another ass-kickin' with tons of attitude rocker that takes no prisoners!!

Simply breathtaking; "Armageddonize" comes like a storm to shake things in the melodic hard rock 'n metal scene for good. It's heavy, it's melodic, it has attitude, it includes a bunch of excellent songs in it and the sure thing is that will be a future classic, period! One of the best melodic heavy rock albums that I have heard since ages!

Rating : 10/10

TracklistingI Don't Wanna Say I'm Sorry; Stand On Your Feet; The Storm; Blood Enemies; Wide Open; Live Like I'm Dying; Breakdown; Love Bites; Caught Up In The Rush; One Life - My Life.

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