Friday, October 17, 2014

WHITE WIDDOW / Crossfire (2014)

Heavy Paradise loves White Widdow, its one of this web-zine's personal favorite new bands! Two really great albums (s/t in 2010 and serenade in 2011), two number ones at Heavy Paradise's Top list! These Australian melodic hard rockers have plenty of talent and that's a thing that reflects to their music. The waitin' is finally over 'cause White Widdow is back with album number three (and another number one for this year?).

"Crossfire" is entitled the band's newest release and after the first spin I have to say that I'm once again thrilled; yes, "Crossfire" is simply breathtaking with more attitude, more melodies, more great guitar riffs and solos and, of course, more killer tracks!

"Caught In The Crossfire" which opens this record is a powerful and in-your-face rocker that takes no prisoners; it includes a 'heavier' riff, a superb guitar work and a fantastic chorus line! "Fly Me Away" features more melody, more keys and a such a great harmony. The highlights here are coming one after another with the brilliant AOR-ish tune of "Just Another Night" and the more Danger Danger-esque "Below The Belt" which is just perfect melodic rock at its best! "Dreams Don't Die", "Angel" and "Never Again" are all three great up-tempo rockers with catchy hooks and choruses and some really excellent and inspired guitar work. Listen, also, to the emotional (and again in a very Danger Danger style) ballad of "Carry The Heartache".

Bottom line is that White Widdow is back with another killer record! Every song here is big and anthemic with plenty of melodies to die for, catchy as hell choruses and a perfect musicianship! "Crossfire" is flawed to perfection and it's a must have for each and every fan of this scene out there! The highlight of 2014! 
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 10/10 

Track Listing :
1. Caught In The Crossfire, 2. Fly Me Away, 3. Just Another Night, 4. Below The Belt, 5. Dreams Don't Die, 6. Too Many Tears, 7. Angel, 8. Born To Be A Rebel, 9. Carry The Heartache, 10. Never Again

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  1. can not wait for this disc man!!!!!.....these guys do melodic rock the way it is meant to be played.......period.