Monday, October 13, 2014

DALTON / Pit Stop (2014)

Do you remember the melodic rock act DALTON that in 1987 released the amazing "The Race Is On" and made happy every single fan of the AOR scene? If yes, then hold your breath 'cause Dalton is back with another great release in the vain of their classic debut. So, 25 years after their debut, the original members came back with a vengeance and a reunion filmed for TV. “That’s how it started”, Mats Dahlberg (drums, backing vocals) explains. “A producer called me and asked if we would reunite and if they could film it for a documentary. I thought it was a joke”. “So did I”, Bosse Lindmark (lead vocals) laughs, “but it was true - and from the first rehearsal it was like time had stood still. It was so much fun!”"Pit Stop" is entitled the band's newest effort .

Frontiers Records trusted them and with magic minded producer Erik MÃ¥rtensson (Eclipse, W.E.T.) the band hit the Blowout Studios and they are now are ready to unleash another excellent and extremely melodic opus.

"Ready Or Not" and this race is on!!! Classic Scandi-melodic rock at its best; what else can any fan of this genre could ask for? "Hey You" and we have another winner out of the new album. Up-tempo with a so sweet melody and a chorus line to sing-a-long for days! Great stuff! In "Don't Tell Me Lies" we are dealing with a huge mid-tempo rocker that could easily appear in the band's debut. Classic with a killer chorus and my personal favorite! "Up & Down" and "One Voice" are both pure Scandi melodic rock gems that both include a feel-good vibe, powerful performances, tasty guitar lines and choruses to die for!! Check, also, the more commercial and very Bon Jovi-esque tune of "Something For The Pain" and the sure thing is that this album will hit you like a rock!

Spread the word; DALTON are back with a blast! "Pit Stop" is an excellent and extremely catchy record and for sure a must have for each and every fan of the melodic rock scene in general!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 9/10

Track Listing:
 Ready Or Not; Hey You; Don't Tell Me Lies; Follow Your Dreams; Up & Down; Bad Love; One Voice; Here We Are; Something For The Pain; 50/50; TGIF.

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