Monday, September 1, 2014

WORK OF ART / Framework (2014)

"Framework" is entitled Work Of Art's anticipated third release due Frontiers Records. To be honest, I was looking forward to this album as I'm a big fan of this band. WORK OF ART debuted in February 2008 with the release of “Artwork”. That was a release that put a wide smile upon the face of every serious AOR fan out there and the band achieved quickly to build a strong reputation around its name in the melodic rock scene.

The follow up record, "In Progress" managed to enter the band in the Swedish album charts on the week of release at number 30! The next step for the band was to start performing live on stage which they did for the first time in Madrid, Spain, in January 2012, and it was followed by several other shows in several other European countries.

So, nowadays, the band is back again with the brand new "Framework" and, in my humble opinion it's best album to-date. "Framework" has every little thing that an ordinary fan of this particular scene could ask for and even more; it includes superb melodic rock gems such as the incredible and ultra catchy tune of "Time To Let Go", "Can't Let Go", "Over The Line" and the more commercial "How Do You Sleep At Night". All of the above mentioned tracks have great arrangements, memorable choruses, strong performances, a feel-good vibe and harmonies to die for. Of course, the album features some slower, mid-tempos like the TOTO-ish "My Waking Dream" and the amazing "Shout Till You Wake Up" that both givin' the extra flavor. It's, also, unnecessary to say that there is no filler in sight here and the whole record is perfect from start to finish!

Closing, I have to say that Work Of Art is back with their best album yet! Call it AOR, call it melodic rock, call it whatever you want it, it really doesn't matter at all; this is a brilliant and extremely melodic album all the way that must be checked by each and every fan of this genre. Already a classic in my book!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 10/10

Track Listing :  Time To Let Go; How Will I Know?; Shout 'Till You Wake Up; Can’t Let Go; How Do You Sleep At Night?; Over The Line; The Machine; Hold On To Love; Natalie; The Turning Point; My Waking Dream.

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