Sunday, September 7, 2014

MOONLAND feat. Lenna Kuurmaa / MOONLAND (2014)

MOONLAND is a new melodic rock project that sees the light of day and brings back in the spotlight in the international Rock music markets the Estonian singer, actress and TV personality Lenna Kuurmaa. Lenna has been the front-woman of the Pop-Rock sensation VANILLA NINJA, an all-female outfit, which was debuted in 2002 with their self-titled album and went on to release  internationally another three very successful studio albums (which won Gold Records awards in Germany, Austria and Platinum in their home country, Estonia). In 2005 VANILLA NINJA also won the selection to represent Switzerland in the Eurovision Song Festival with the song "Cool Vibes", ending at the 8th place.

So, nowadays, Lenna collaborates with the mighty Alessandro Del Vecchio who's taking care of the production and the result is this brilliant and melodic project. The music here is melodic rock with beautiful melodies, strong arrangements, a solid production and, most of all, it features well-crafted and well-performed songs.

The album kicks-off with a rockier vibe; yes, "Heaven Is To Be Close To You" seems to be the first highlight from this record. An 80's melodic rock song that includes a superb rhythm and a cool chorus line. Next, the up-tempo "Open Your Heart" could easily appear in any of Robin Beck's earlier releases while "Crime Of Love" brings more attitude and a punchier sound! "When Love Is Gone" reminded me a bit of Roxette and "Live And Let Go" is just a so sweet ballad and, of course, another winner out of this new release. Listen, also, to the ultra catchy tune of "Heart Made Of Steel" and "Another Day In Paradise" and the sure thing is that you'll discover an overall great record.    

MOONLAND with its debut brings back the 80's female pop-rock sound! Lenna Kuurmaa's performances really shines here while the magic hand of Alessandro Del Vecchio is givin' the extra 'push' to take this project to a higher level. Well done!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 8,5/10

Track Listing :  Heaven Is To Be Close To You; Open Your Heart; Crime Of Love; Poison Angel; When Love Is Gone; Out Of Reach; Live And Let Go; Cold As Ice; Over Me; Heart Made Of Steel; Look At Us Now; Another Day In Paradise. 

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