Monday, September 8, 2014

FAITH CIRCUS to release “Can You Feel It” feat. Bruce Kulick!

FAITH CIRCUS to release “Can You Feel It” feat. Bruce Kulick!
In 2005 Marc Farrano bought the rights to record a version of the Eric Carr/Bruce Kulick/Adam Mitchell co-write “Can You Feel It”, previously only heard in demo form on the late KISS drummers 1999 post-release “Rockology”, and three years later the “official” version saw the light of day on FAITH CIRCUS debut album (Kivel Records), and again on the 2010 remixed digital re-release.
It also appeared on the double (bonus) disc edition for FAITH CIRCUS second album “Turn Up The Band” in 2013 (MelodicRock Records)!
A solid “sing-along number”, guaranteed to get the crowd going every time, it has been a staple in the set since day one!
Staying in touch with Bruce (Kulick) over the years the guys couldn’t pass when the opportunity presented itself to have Kulick recreate his solo from the 1989 demo version!
While working on the re-mix it only seemed natural to swap the original smooth-pop rock bass parts for Christer Ottesens thunder attack!
A new middle section was also added to give the song a bit more “depth”…while providing the listener with a “breather”.
Available on iTunes & AmazonMp3 September 16’th!!

- Baard Nordvik – Drums
- Christer Ottesen – Bass
- Tore Risa – Keyboards
- Tomtom – Add. keyboards
- Marius Mörch – Rhythm guitar
- Bruce Kulick – Lead & add. rhythm guitar
- Myrna Braza, Camilla Nerdal & Marc Farrano – Background vocals
- Marc Farrano – Vocals

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