Wednesday, September 24, 2014

IN FAITH / There's A Storm Coming (2014)

Be careful ladies and gentlemen...."There's A Storm Coming" and it's ready to rock our world for good! Yes, IN FAITH is the new big name in the melodic hard rock world and they are ready to unleash their brilliant debut later this year. The band consists of Tony Marshall on guitars, Pete Godfrey on vocals and Pete Newdeck on drums.

IN FAITH is a band that reveals the sound of the glory 80's, early 90's, heavy rock scene without loosing their own identity. It's indeed a great mix of bands such as Danger Danger, Harem Scarem, Winger and Tyketto. The sound is also big, polished with beautiful melodies, harmonies and choruses to die for, the vocal lines are powerful and at the same time emotional, the guitars are tasteful and most of all it includes well-written and well-performed songs.

"Radio", the opener, is build-up for big arenas; this is a classic hair metal gem with attitude and the fact that it reminded me a bit of SKIN's earlier works made this one a favorite of mine at once. "Does It Feel Like Love" is the absolute winner here! Melodic as it gets with a Danger Danger vibe in it and a chorus line that sends you to heaven!! This song could easily be a major MTV-hit back then!! "Where I Wanna Be" is yet another highlight out of this record; it's a beautiful mid-tempo that leaves you breathless. "Addicted" and "All Or Nothing" both rocks and "A Million Ways" is a simply fantastic tune; a 'modern' and darker rocker that leaves you hungry for ore!

Closing, I have to say that IN FAITH achieve to make some noise in the melodic hard rock scene with this breathtaking debut release. It's pure melodic hard rock heaven and includes every little thing that we love from this music! If you are a fan of Danger Danger, Tyketto and Harem Scarem, then look no further! Highly recommended!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 10/10

Track Listing :
1. Radio
2. Does It Feel Like Love
3. Church of Rock n’ Roll
4. Where I Wanna Be
5. Addicted
6. If That’s What Love Means
7. All Or Nothing
8. In Flames
9. Million Ways
10. Leave Me Now
11. Bitter End

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